Saying "YES!"

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

By June Allen

(C) June Allen Yard of Greatness

How many times a day do you say no to yourself?

You deny your joy,

your peace,

Your serenity.

Many of us are so use to feeling deprived

that we don't know what yes feels like.

I'm not talking about the compulsive, behavioural yes’s

that help us avoid who we are or mask our pain.

I'm talking about the yes

that takes us deeper into ourselves

the one that requires vulnerability,

tenderness and wins victories.

Under the system of racism,

no has become a toxic force in our DNA.

No to feelings.

No to sharing.

No to being.

In healing, we learn that saying no to our needs is how we survived.

We kept the peace, avoided conflict

and numbed the pain of abandonment

from dysfunctional care givers

and racist institutions.

In time, our racial sobriety reveals

a new sense of self.

We stand up straight,

We bump our fists

and bring the yes to nurturing our sacredness and shine.

Today, when I feel the need to deny who I am,

I will remember that saying no to depravity

is saying yes to my serenity.

I am the yes that I seek.

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