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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

10 reasons why everyone should take regular retreats

If you are feeling that taking this time out is selfish or self-indulgent, we thought we would share with you 10 reasons why everyone should go on regular retreats...especially with your friends.

Retreats allow you to pull back, get inspired, become spacious, detox, and find your people.

1. Pull Back

It’s strategic.You withdraw from your regular life, pulling in all the energy that’s otherwise fanned out and thinned out in multiple directions. You gather your forces to focus them on something you love. From this place, you get a new perspective, you regroup and re-energise. You find inspiration.Then you put inspiration into action. You bring that thing you love to fruition. Getting away from it all gives you focus on what it is that inspires you, whether it be writing, doing yoga or coming up with a business plan.

2. Become Spacious

You step out of your structured scheduled day-to-day and step into space and time, space-time. At the office, at the family dinner table with the kids vying for attention, on the mobile walking home from the train talking to your friend/lover/spouse about the game/boyfriend/bills, time is taken. All of it.There is no free time. Time on retreat is different, fluid. There’s no more rush! You find a space where you can give yourself time to connect with flow, genius, inspiration. And of course this is why number 4 below happens.

3. Get Inspired

Inspiration, translates as “to breathe into.” So, you breathe life into your life. How it comes is different for everyone, but one thing’s for sure: Inspiration won’t strike out of nowhere, while you blindly do the same rote stuff every day. It’s a frame of mind that can come from a change of landscape and outlook. We’re all creative. Creativity and inspiration happen when you take the time away from your day job to remember your daydream. You play with what inspires you, whether it’s crochet, writing, jogging, sculpting, cooking or a little bit of everything.

4. Listen

Whether you’re on a wellness retreat or a yoga retreat, you get to listen.Why? Because, depending on where you are, there may be no phone access, kids, TV, co-workers, limited or no WiFi, and plenty of locals  who have absolutely no idea of your daily challenges. What do you hear? The screech of swallows swooping,  but more importantly, that quiet inside your own heart.

5. Detox

People come on retreat and they get a cold, sleep for days, or dream vividly for the first time in years. It’s astounding to them, but it never surprises us. Everyone needs to unload, clean out and empty their mental desktop. You will leave a retreat lightened, clearer, recharged, refreshed, and more present. This new perspective can guide you to make changes in your life that you know you need to make. 6. Lose the Fear

How many of you live part of every single day steeled for confrontation? RETURN TO SELF is a safe space, literally and figuratively. You don’t have to worry about racism or  the daily onslaught of micro-aggression that slowly erodes your sense of self, causing you to second guess peoples motives. 7. Remember Who You Are

Society wants you to be the mother, father, sister, wife, husband, friend, lover. Through the RETURN TO SELF process you will be reminded that you are actually an individual, human being, a person, as opposed to “human doings.” On retreat you can drop all the roles. You can just be you for the first time in decades. 8. Find Your People

We’re all the same/different. You meet other people in the same position. They came on retreat to do yoga, meditate, work on themselves and they all came from different continents, countries, cultures, age groups. They’ve all gone through life doing whatever they have to do to keep their creative flame alight, stealing opportunities to get a little word in here, a sketch in there. Here, no one has to justify "doing me”- it’s actually taken seriously. That inspires you to do more of your own thing.You allow yourself to be different because the people around you are. 9. Help Others

When you take space-time your spouse gets space-time too. So do your kids, your family and your co-workers. This brings appreciation. Why? They realise what it’s like when you’re not around, to work, clean, love them. Without you taking up your usual spot, people shift positions to fill that space. Life takes on a new shape. Life is actually different when you return and you are free to take up a new space in it. This is growth. People see a new you, and they see that they’re new, too. People are motivated to make more positive change. 10. Establish a Routine/Practice

Sure, you can optimise conditions in your own life to create a non-negotiable meditation routine or yoga practice. But if you’re trying to squeeze time into an already full schedule, creating those conditions at home can take years. Establishing a new habit on a retreat is easier. As opposed to having to fight through your routine to form a creative schedule you go on retreat and get encouraged by the example of others. You go back home and re-establish your life in a new way. Retreats are important because people leave retreats fitter, rested, happier and clearer. Who doesn’t want some of that?


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