Personal Safety Guidelines


Daughters of the Soil is committed to creating safe spaces for all black women participating in our retreats and workshops. To that end we have listed a guideline to ensure your safety and the safety of other participants. We suggest that you consider these guidelines before booking an event with us.

  • Daughters of the Soil is a safe space for black women of African descent to come together in the spirit of building a sisterhood of support and wellbeing.

  • The requirement for inclusion is that we or our ancestors are from the African diaspora and we identify as female.

  • Daughters of the Soil respects that black women as a group are not homogenous and that black women are individual in nature with a wide variety of beliefs hopes and dreams.

  • Daughters of the Soil also respects that there are ideological and spiritual differences in the black community due to country of origin and the intergenerational experiences of racism, colonialism and slavery.

  • Daughters of the Soil is a spiritual group and women of all faiths are welcomed if they respect the faith of all women present.

  • This group is respectful of its members' sexual preference and gender identification.

  • Daughters of the Soil has zero tolerance of colourism. Colourism is described as prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

  • Daughters of the Soil is intolerant of body shaming which includes negative statements and attitudes toward another person's weight or size.

  • Daughters of the Soil respects each woman’s need to be seen and heard and encourages honest and open discussions and debates. Where there is a difference of opinion, we maintain an attitude of understanding and respect for our individual differences of opinion.

  • Daughters of the Soil is intolerant of shaming or belittling behaviour.

  • Participants are required to support each other and maintain a safe space for all.

  • Participants are required to complete all workshops and if this is not possible, to inform the facilitators before the start of the session.

  • Care-taking behaviour is discouraged. Care-taking includes touching a woman who is upset without permission, denying or minimising a woman’s feelings in order to ease your own discomfort.

  • Tissues will be kept in the centre of the room and we encourage self-empowerment by taking care of your emotional needs.

  • We respect each other’s process and we are encouraged to ask for help.

Our retreats are immersive, and can be intense and very confrontational. So although it will be healing and restorative, we will also be covering some deep issues.  This retreat is not the best place to begin addressing deeper issues if you haven't done any prior healing work. 


Also in terms of duty of care, it's important that we know some of your history in order for us to support you effectively through the processes that may unfold. If you plan to attend this retreat with a friend, please ask them to contact the team in advance to discuss further.


Daughters of the Soil

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