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Travel Insurance

Just buy it - better to be safe, than sorry.

Exchanging Money in Ghana


The best places to exchange cash in Ghana are foreign exchange bureaus (Forex) and they are easily found in the major cities. Be aware that the further outside of Accra you go, the less common foreign exchanges will be.
Credit cards/ATMs


Withdrawing money from your foreign account via ATM in Ghana usually results in the most favorable exchange rates.

Travellers cheques
Simply stated, avoid them if you can as travellers cheques do not come in handy in Ghana at all.



Yellow Fever Vaccination


It is mandatory to get a yellow fever vaccination. You will not get a visa without it. Protection begins 10 days after vaccination; therefore you should make sure you are vaccinated no less than 10 days before leaving for Ghana.


You can get this vaccine from any travel medicine centre or your GP. It will cost approx. AU$100 plus doctor's consultation fee if the clinic does not bulk bill (this is only relevant to Australian residents).


Other vaccines are recommended but are optional. Check here for a list of recommended vaccines.


Ghana Visa

Some African nationals are exempt from requiring a visa for entry into Ghana. It's important that you check this out if you hold a passport from any African country. Otherwise everyone else will need a visa. Most visa applications take 1-2 weeks to complete so you want to put in your application by 20th October to avoid any drama.


Sydney based women can download a visa application here! 


UK based women can download a visa application here!

What to Bring


The temperature in Ghana will be above 30 degrees so keep that in mind while deciding what to wear and bring.

  • Loose comfortable clothing

  • Yoga and/or exercise gear

  • Comfortable footwear

  • Yoga mat

  • Swimwear

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Adaptor Type D & G. Type G is same as that used in UK.

  • Malaria tablets

  • Mosquito repellent (can be bought on arrival)

Airport Pick-up


To ensure that the start of your RETURN TO SELF experience is smooth and with ease and grace we will pick you up at Accra airport on Sunday 11th OCT.


You are required to email your flight and arrival details to the Daughters of the Soil team latest 14 days before the start of retreat.


What languages do Ghanaians Speak?


English is the official language used in Ghana. It was passed on to the Ghanaians by the British colonialists.


English is predominantly used for government and business affairs. It is used in legal and administrative documents and procedures. English is also used in Ghanaian politics and media coverage.

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