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Faith and June met in London in 2017. Without saying a word, they were instantly drawn to each other’s warmth and serenity. The women felt that they were destined to work together when they discovered a mutual passion for serving black women.

Despite living vast distances from each other (June in the UK and Faith in Australia), the women navigated the challenges of managing different time zones to launch Daughters of the Soil in 2018.


June Allen is a compassionate, London based coach who is unapologetic about racial wellness and healing from the impact of racism. Finding hope in recovery from her own journey of racial trauma and addictive relationships, June has been sharing her experience, strength and hope on racial sobriety through the 12 steps since 2012. She is also a gifted student psychotherapist who is translating her studies within a cultural context to nurture her community. 


With her melanin mastermind and coaching programmes, June speaks to the African diaspora to explore the impact of racism and empowers them with tools to understand the system and use cultural nourishment to heal from self-hate, low self-esteem and manage racial stress.


June has been a business owner since 2016 and is committed to building a global movement of brothers and sistas committed to healing themselves and their communities from the inside out.

For more information about June's work go to Yard of Greatness

"What I love is how you help us grow as women and sisters, and are a shining example of what that looks like"


Faith Agugu is an Australian based psychotherapist, energy healer and mindfulness coach. Born in Nigeria, Faith works with a diverse client base and is passionate about her work with Indigenous Australians and women of African descent.


Faith is also passionate about reducing the stigma of mental illness within the black community and works to do so with women of African descent in her online group, Ubuntu Afro Sister Circle.


Faith has successfully navigated the professional landscape in Australia as a senior manager and CEO of her own company, Raw Fashion Agency.

Faith is passionate about meditation and is a yogini with over 30 years of practice. She brings a warm, gentle approach combined with her vast experience in clinical work to create workshop and retreat processes that are both expansive and transformative.


Faith’s workshops combine mindfulness, meditation, interactive exercises, self-inquiry and reflection, accountability and sharing.


For more information about Faith's work go to The Healing Process


"Faith walked with me side by side and I am now a happy whole person..."

Daughters of the Soil

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